Human Interpretation of Tufted Titmouse Research

After looking on, the Animal Spirt Totems Dictionary, the Bird Watcher’s Digest, BioKIDS, and, I compiled the below key notes.

Key Notes

Titmouse means small little bird.

Titmouse teaches to use our voice and the immense power of small things and with small ideas.

Titmouse teaches courage and empowerment along with being bold with discernment.

He teaches the art of flexibility.

Titmouse can show how to express ideals with timing.

More than one sleeping family pet (and even some humans) have felt a sudden tug as a titmouse boldly steals a bit of hair.

There are no negative impacts of tufted titmice on humans.

Tufted titmice help to control the population of certain insects as well as helping trees by distributing their seeds.

Regarded as the keeper of knowledge and a mystic creature

Titmouse is often associated with the spirit world and the deeper knowledge

Titmouse is teaching us that if we just observe carefully and meditate, the truth with be presented to us

Remember the story in the Bible about David and Goliath, the titmouse also wants us to realize that size is not a factor in a real battle.

Titmouse is also telling us to express our opinion, no matter how small that insight is.

People with a titmouse totem are naturally curious, they want to explore and know everything, and they are born inventors and have a gift to recreate things in their own way.

(Industrial Designers, right?!)

Titmouse teaches us to express our ideas but with the right timing, laying a solid foundation to build your plan is a good defense.

Titmouse shows up as a spirit guide when…

Call on a Titmouse as a spirit guide when…


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