Experimenting with Rubber Bands

In an attempt to contrive creative ideas, I tried, among a variety of techniques, (1) microwaving rubber bands and (2) overlapping successive rubber bands.




My microwave experiment resulted dismally with no reaction. Nothing appeared to happen to neither the rubber band nor the microwave. From my memory, a microwave heats items by causing water molecules to jump around and thus I understand, with low to no water content, why the rubber bands did not react to the waves in the microwave. Furthermore, the heat generated in the microwave was apparently minimal compared to that required to melt rubber.


Overlapping the rubber bands produced and interesting tree-section-cut form but all I could bring myself to create with the form was a coaster.

I am glad I conducted these experiments as they, at least for a moment, quenched my curiosity. Thankfully, though, my quest for creativity did not conclude with these two trials and I continued to generate ideas.


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