Researching Riding Toys

While thinking about how to make the common wind-up toy life sized, I looked for inspiration from current children’s riding toys.

Kid O Go Car RedI like the simple form of this toy. It is a small vehicle and not intended for riding but, if it were bigger and the top arch was removed, the form could serve as a comfortable seat.

Diggin Skootcase Ride On, Red

I think this vehicle is too complex for my intensions but the “lightweight durable plastic” holds potential and the design, if simplified, may resemble a good form.

Spherovelo Ride-On - BlueSpherovelo Ride-On - Red

I really like the simple form of these vehicles. Instead of wheels, the design uses spheres to prevent the toy from falling over. In the description, the developers emphasize the toy is for young children, “accelerates development of motor-skills and coordination,” and “teaches young brains to connect muscles and senses.” Although this would not be my intent, I admire the thoughtfulness and, like I said, really appreciate the form.

Little Tikes Jelly Bean Racer Ride On - Red

This design may be the closest to my concept; with the addition of a wind-up rubber band contraption on the wheels, this design could be really effective.

PlasmaCar Plasma Car Blue Green Ride-On Vehicle

Unique to this vehicle is that there is a power mechanism other than the user’s legs. As stated in the description, “just rotate the steering wheel from side to side to go forward and flip the wheel 180° to steer backwards.” I do not know if this would be an ideal design for a wind-up vehicle, but I like that there is an obvious place for the user to sit and place his or her feet. I also like the idea of being able to steer.

Radio Flyer Red Spin N Saucer

There is maybe a little too much going on here (too many parts), but I like the simple use. The toy is intended for the user to just roll across the floor in any and every direction.


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