Single Material Toy Market Research


Darryl Agawin’s “Balance Stool” is made of two simple ash parts and is intended to promote exercise in the workplace. While maybe not a “toy” in the traditional sense, this chair certainly adds an element of fun to what can be a monotonous activity (sitting in a chair).


Nervous System’s “Kinematics” is also not a toy in the traditional sense. However, the dress, which is 3-D printed as “2,279 unique triangular panels interconnected by 3,316hinges, all 3D printed together in nylon using selective laser sintering (SLS),” promotes frilly movement as the material “fluidly flow[s] in response to body movement.” This product gives hope to materials and processes that otherwise may be assumes to create rigid products.


While the intention may not be play (this product may not have been designed to be a toy), the “Saturn Wine Glasses” by Superduperstudio almost asks users to test out its spill-proof-ness and show of the fun glass to party guests and friends.


This chess set, made out of Harcourt glass, flaunts how a complex, popular game can be created out of one material. Along with being beautiful, the set is transparent (in both appearance and understanding) as the pieces resemble the understood shapes of the various pieces.


These “cupnoodle forms” are humorous alterations on the iconic cup of noodles cup. Made out of ceramic, these “toys” (in a sense) demonstrate how one material (ceramic) can appear to be another material (rubber, for example) and allow the user to stage comical interactions.


The “pyggy-bank” not only encourages fiscal responsibility with a humorous twist, but also show how a simple product made of a single material can still be functional and beautiful. Combining two existing products, the “pyggy bank” may inspire other creations of the same nature.


The “non-slip birdhouse” takes advantage of the properties of a material’s properties and use the given property as an inspiration for the product. Specifically, the birdhouse uses Alcantara’s non-slip properties to prevent the need for a connecting or adhesive in mounting a birdhouse on a slanted wall.


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