First Model: Cardboard Wings


IMG_3233IMG_3231IMG_3228 IMG_3229 IMG_3230IMG_3234

Drawing from one of my sketches, I set out to create a set of cardboard wings. Using the box from a television, I cut out two wings and an abdomen piece. To add enhance the appearance of the wings, I ripped up a few old magazines and glued them onto the outside of the wings (does this disobey the “only one additional material” rule or could I argue that my additional material is paper product: cardboard and magazines?). The wings are connected to the abdomen via double-knotted rubber bands, looped through holes. Along the outside of the wings, I added a resistance band and, along the inside, straps for the user’s wrists and shoulders. I sized the wrist straps to my arm’s length and realized, upon strapping my very generous model into the wings, that not all arm lengths are the same. Thus, for her, the “wrist straps” became “finger straps” or, simply, “hand straps.”

IMG_3244 IMG_3245 IMG_3246 IMG_3247IMG_3250

Frankly, I’m disappointed with this design; while I enjoy the concept, I see that the resulting product is clunky and not as beautiful as I had hoped. I know this is a rough model, but I feel like the idea is not in itself novel and I did not implement the rubber bands in the most effective way.


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